Motivating Readers · 12. December 2018
Do you want your child to love books? What's the secret? We talk about how you can compete with screens and the power of the digital age.

14. November 2018
Your goal every day is to teach your child to become an independent and confident reader. You develop these skills as you teach them self-monitoring strategies.

10. October 2018
Problem: How can I use REAL children’s books when I don’t know which books are the right books? 5 Simple Steps to walk you through the process!

26. September 2018
You've decided that using REAL books is definitely the way to go for teaching reading, but one thing to keep in mind is that children need the RIGHT BOOKS to read in order to make progress. Here's what to look for when choosing books for your child to read.

23. September 2018
There are many benefits of using poetry in your reading lessons so I hope you will consider incorporating poetry on a regular basis! Here are 5 reasons why you should be using poetry in your reading lessons:

Fluency · 17. September 2018
Independent readers know how to choose their own books! You can help your child choose her own books using the 5-Finger Method.

Fluency · 10. September 2018
There are 3 reasons most often attributed to why children struggle to become fluent, independent readers.

11. August 2018
Let's focus on the basics first and build a strong foundation for reading success. Then you can layer in other supporting resources as needed. I promise just by doing the steps listed below you will see progress quickly for both you as the reading coach/teacher and your child.

Words and Vocabulary · 30. July 2018
This post will offer you 3 great ways to use word walls in your classroom or home school setting. What's so great about a word wall and why should you use it? Walk into any primary classroom in a school and you will find one or more word walls. It's not because teachers like to cover every square inch of classroom walls and doors (although it looks that way!) - it's because word walls are a wonderful way to display words that students are learning and need to access regularly.

Writing · 22. July 2018
Interactive writing is the easiest way to jump-start a reluctant writer or help a beginning writer interact in the writing process. It's simple, requires little prep, if any, and no special materials. You can customize the process to your needs and make it fun, even including multiple children in the process.

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