Forming Letters Correctly

My kindergarten-age granddaughter is schooling at home, and I had the wonderful opportunity to help her all day with her schoolwork. As she was practicing writing her name on paper, I was reminded of a common problem that would be good for anyone helping a child learning to form letters correctly. 


Frequently a child will hold a single sheet of paper (with her non-writing hand) at the bottom of the sheet.  This can cause the child to make letter strokes from the bottom up instead of from the top down. If the child starts forming a down stroke from the top, and the paper is being held on the bottom, the paper will crumple or slide. Unless the child is instructed to hold the paper on the top instead of the bottom, she will naturally start making the strokes from the bottom up instead from the top down.


Break this unhelpful habit early on before the child becomes locked into forming all her letters incorrectly.


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    keri (Wednesday, 28 November 2012 14:57)

    my kindergarden aged son totally does this! I have been trying to think of ways to encourage him to start from the top. Thank you so much for the tip! Do you think this will still work with a left handed child?

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    Mark (Thursday, 29 November 2012 06:04)

    Yes, just make sure the child is holding the paper at the top and forming letter strokes from top to bottom. The child's handedness does not matter.