A Wonderful Testimonial

This unsolicited letter from a grateful mother has been on our testimonial page for some time, but it deserves to be highlighted.  As you read her words, notice the enthusiasm that exists in her home about the joy her children have found as they have learned to read:


"I wanted to thank you for your book. I have been using the 3rd edition for many years now in homeschooling my children. My now 11 year old son was my first to learn to read. Using your approach, he quickly took off and felt successful from the first day. By the age of 6 1/2 yo, he had read the first four Harry Potter books and is still a voracious reader who comprehends with ease reading now at a college level.


My second child is now 9 yo, and is much the same. His fluency increased a bit later but he quickly caught up to the older child. He is reading at a middle school or higher level and loves it. The original Pilgrim's Progress is a favorite with him even!


My third child, a girl, also took off with you method just over age 6. She recently turned 7 yo (ending first grade) and has read not only Harry Potter books, but all of E.B. White and many others.


My fourth child has been begging me to teach her to read. Since she recently turned 5 years old, we have now started by cementing all the pre-reading skills (knowing all letters and sounds, for example). She is so excited and I am again rereading your book to remind myself of all the methods. I know she will learn to read well as will my two younger sons (ages 3 and 19 months) when their time comes.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an easy to use, realistic, enjoyable and successful method of instructing our children in their most important learning skill."


Certainly this mom has provided an excellent example herself of the joy that is to be found in reading great books, and she is to be commended for creating this environment in her home. 


Thankfully, the methodology and philosophy promoted in Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books complimented this positive atmosphere. 


If you are finding that your children dread your learning to read instruction, could it be you are using a boring approach that focuses on rules to memorize and skills to drill?  There is a better way! 


Check out Chapter 5 on the left menu, read some other testimonials, then order your copy Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books of today!

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