Rocket Science vs. Common Sense

Mark and I had the privilege of meeting some dedicated homeschooling parents at last week's Midwest HomeSchool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.


We were energized by the conversations and feedback we received from those of you who want to give your children the best possible education.


We were touched and grateful for those of you who took the time to tell us that you have read Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books and how this "common sense" approach to teaching reading worked for your children. Some of you even expressed how you had tried "everything else" and then found our book and that is when reading instruction started to make sense!


But many of you talked with us and we sensed the apprehension in your eyes, the reluctance to venture out and make critical decisions about reading instruction without a scripted guide and planned lessons. To you we say: read the book and you will see that this is something you CAN do.


There are reading "experts" who say that teaching reading is rocket science. If that is true then very few people are qualified to teach youngsters how to read - including public school teachers!


But Marilyn Rockett of Homeschooling Today magazine calls our approach "commonsense" and that is something you all possess.

In Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books we give you the understanding of what all children need in order to have a foundation that will ensure reading success.


We then give you the basics of a comprehensive approach to literacy that helps you guide your child through all components of being a good reader based on his or her needs, strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies/attitudes toward print.


We empower you to make daily and ongoing decisions about the books your child will read, the strategies your child needs, and the choices you will make in order to immerse your child in print and provide a literacy-rich environment in which your child can thrive as a reader.


Do not be intimidated by those who promote their reading program as the only way to teach reading. Do the research and you will see that there is not one single packaged reading program that shows significant gains in reading abilities when used exclusively or without the foundation of a literacy-rich environment.


Teaching reading is not rocket science but weeding through the facts vs. myths about reading and the advertisements for "magic" reading programs can be!


Here are two resources to help you find what really does work. and


We think once you do your research you will see that our approach is one that combines the love of reading with proven reading strategies and quality children's literature to give you the support you need to get your child on the path to literacy.

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