Reflection Vs. Resolution

As a new year starts, many parents will make resolutions. We all know that these well-intended resolutions oftentimes fall by the wayside despite our best efforts. This year, instead of resolutions, why not choose to reflect first? For how can we know where we want or need to go if we don't reflect on where we've been?


Certainly one of the most important areas worthy of reflection is our children's' education and progress toward reading.


  • Where was your child this time last year in his reading progress or readiness?
  • Where were your thoughts about reading and how has your philosophy of learning to read evolved over the course of 2010?
  • Has your personal library grown, have your bookshelves filled with books that draw your child into special worlds of wonder?
  • Did you find time to visit the local library weekly and teach your child to choose books?
  • Did you commit to daily read-alouds with your child despite the busyness of life?
  • Are there some things that ate up your time that could have better been spent reading to your child?


Perhaps you have just started to think about reading for your child, or your children are just babies and you want to "be prepared." No need for resolutions, but you can reflect on your attitudes toward reading and even your own personal experience as a reader.


  • Do you worry that your child will have trouble learning to read because you had some negative experiences as a child?
  • Are you willing to help foster the love of reading in your child but concerned that you are not "qualified" to do so?
  • Do you hesitate because you are not sure of the "right" way to teach your child to read?


We invite you to browse our blog or the sample chapter on this site to see if Teach a Child to Read With Children's Books is something that will help you and your child in the next year.


As for me, I am looking ahead to 365 more days that I can read all those books still waiting for me to find them!


Happy New Year and Happy Reading! -Mary

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